Aches and Pains

Most of us don’t just battle the usual Endometriosis Pain.
Along with that comes muscle stiffness, headaches, migraines, backaches and so much more.

I call it the Vicious Cycle!

Looking back I think I inherited my aches and pains from the surgeries.
With each surgery you try to keep a certain position after recovery to make you feel better (curl up, lean forward to escape the pain or lean to one side because the other one is hurting). My lower back pain was always a big issue too, so needless to say that my posture was never straight up as it’s supposed to be.

Usually these positions are not really optimal for your posture, muscles etc.
With time it becomes a habit and your muscles, tendons etc shrink or take form of this unhealthy position and voila (e.g. like sitting on the desk all day without getting proper exercise).

I have practiced this bad habit for over 10 years and I am guilty as charged.

Now a days I take 1 hour every single day for myself!

Hell can freeze over land and I still take 1 hour to myself.

I turn off all electronics, remove all 3rd party energy (people & pets) and just practice yoga or meditate.

I am not good with crowds so for me taking yoga in a studio with other people would never work. I tried regular Gyms, I tried women gyms, I tried Zumba Classes and I tried the YMCA, and it always turned out to be a torture. I like to exercise but I don’t like all the 3rd party energies around me. Plus I am a germ freak and using equipment someone else just had a good sweat on makes my hair go north, There is not enough Disinfectant in a room to calm down my germ nightmares. So, alone without interruption and in the way it feels most comfortable to me is the best option for me to exercise. And yes the poses are probably not the most professional poses but it’s better than sitting on the couch, or laying in bed playing with my phone or watching TV.

I will do yoga if I am in pain or if I am not.
I trained myself to ignore this little voice saying
– let’s skip today
– you don’t feel well
– you are tired
– one time missing won’t change anything

The first thing I noticed when I started my yoga sessions that my muscles and tendons are all F’d Up (excuse my language but it’s the truth).

It does not matter what section of my body, it was going from top to bottom, even fingers and toes.

With each day of practice I noticed another success story and the poses looked more and more like yoga poses.

The next miracle I was able to report was the aches and pains got better.
My neck was all of a sudden not that stiff, and my headaches and migraines got better.
The tingle in my arms and legs slowly disappeared and my overall posture has improved.
My nervousness and stress level also dropped quite a bit.

I have to admit, I switched my daily magnesium intake from pills to Magnesium Oil a few weeks ago.

This is another ritual I introduced to my lifestyle.

Every night before bed, instead of browsing social media I take 30 minutes to myself and I do a Magnesium Oil massage on my feet and legs.

It improves my sleep, my RLS and my overall well being.

I highly recommend to read The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.
It’s amazing what Magnesium can do for us and our bodies!

I also try not to talk too much about Endometriosis, my aches and my pains.

As less I feed into myself, the less I feel sick. I know this is just a mental thing, but it works for me.

I try to keep overall a positive attitude and see endometriosis not as my battle but a challenge I was ‘gifted’ with and I will make sure that my quality of life is not ruined by Endometriosis.

So what I am trying to say to you, you reading this:

Not everything I do works for you, every body is different, but you have options.
Go and find your very own way how you and Endometriosis can live a comfortable and healthy life together.
Remember, the medical field can only do so much and is very limited at this moment.

Don’t become a victim of Endometriosis and don’t put yourself in the victim stage because the pharmaceutical industry has not found a cure yet.

Go out there find the perfect ‘ingredients’ for you, it may take a year or two but as sooner you start as sooner you will get the relief you need.

Remember: Diet, Good Supplements, Yoga, Exercise, and Positive Thinking will get you far!!

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