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January 9th, 2014

Happy New Year #EndoSisters!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and was able to enjoy this time.

My holidays have been naughty and nice 🙂
Naughty because I was not following my diet and just ate all the holiday food the world had to offer and
Nice because I really enjoyed being with family and friends doing what everyone else was doing EAT, DRINK and HAVE FUN.

8 days into the New Year, I am still looking back with a smile at the memories I made this December BUT my body is currently quite a bit upset with me and pounding like a 2 year old who got its toy taken away.

Let’s recap the festivities and the results:

Christmas Eve
We celebrated not just Christmas Eve, we also celebrated my daughter’s 19th birthday.
Yep, it had to be special, so we opted for a 3 course Dinner!
– Cheese Fondue with bread, veggies and fruits
– Fondue Bourguignonne with meat and shrimps, as side dishes we had salads, potato salad, bread and different dipping sauces
– Birthday Cake, red velvet with cream cheese frosting

And as special treat later that evening, we went through a German Chocolate tasting session – Hell Yes!

Christmas Morning
I already felt the punishment! For me it was 1 cup of coffee and Ibuprofen.
You could compare my body and the feeling I had like I was partying all night with heavy drinking and loud music!
Yep I admit, I had a toxic food hangover!!

I am just grateful that due to my clean and healthy diet it takes a lot of ‘abuse’ to get real Endo Pain and Symptoms these days. If I would have had Endo Pain on top of the toxic hang over, this would have been awful!

Christmas Day / Afternoon came on quickly and we had to join friends for a Christmas Day Dinner.
On the menu Deviled Eggs, Turkey / Ham, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes w/ Marshmallows and MORE Pie!
My motto that day: Get yourself together, it’s the holiday season and let’s just eat!
I knew I was going into a feast of more poison for my body, but what do you do for having a good time, trying to fit in and just being NORMAL for a few hours.
(Who says this is Normal?)

Day after Christmas
Glory Mary! My head was about to explode, my body was hurting everywhere and my joints felt like I was 98 years old and just dance all night long Rock ‘N’ Roll with Elvis Presley!

Thank God I was off work for the rest of the week!
There would not have been a slight chance of even turning on the computer and making sense out of any work!!

Next 2 days have been hanging around in a depressed stage of not feeling well, reaching out to pain pills, trying to get healthy food into my system and DETOX!

DETOX??? My body screamed for Chocolate, Cake, more Chocolate and more sweets!!!
Forget Detox! I was in sugar hell!

And let me tell you, as much as I know my Endometriosis, the triggers, the problem and so forth, sugar got the best of me!
I turned into this crazy woman, drinking soda, eating more cake and chocolate and just thinking the hell with it!

And what do you know! With every day I prolonged getting back to normal and healthy eating I turned more and more into this achy, grumpy, whiny woman, who wanted to do just one thing – well actually 3:
– stay on the couch and feel depressed
– complain about my pain and feel a little bit more depressed
– eat more junk so I can feel a little bit worse than an hour before

I was perfectly aware what’s happening with me but I just could not snap out of it.
It’s like the toxin in your body takes over and drives your life!

And what do you know, while I am fighting my demons, another holiday shows up!
New Years Eve and New Years Day!! Hell ya! Let’s add another round of naughtiness to the list – Why NOT, I am already feeling bad, how much worst can it get – RIGHT!?!

So New Years Eve I kind a tried to stick with some healthy and fixed shrimp and scallops in white wine garlic sauce.
Of course, I could not say no to a round of cake after dinner. Heck it’s New Years Eve!
In addition to some sugar I had to also consume some alcohol; seriously people it’s the End of the Year!
That’s what people do – RIGHT!!??!
(Who came really up with this slow suicidal mission?)

Well 2014 was ringing in the true awakening for me!
It was like someone hit me with a cold wet frozen towel on January 1.!

It’s day 8 of this beautiful New Year, I am still trying to get my health back to as it was before I had my holiday frenzy!

My usually healthy looking skin has currently the breakout of a 15 year old teenager, my headaches have not left me since I started my ‘holiday trip’, brain fog is a constant reminder of the sugar and bread intake and my energy level is below the ZERO mark.
Oh!! And let’s not forget the black ugly circles around my eyes along with baggy skin! Hell yes, that’s what I am talking about!!
Looking very good these days LOL!

But my body is actually going into its own survival mode and driving this ship on its own.
I think it started to realize it cannot trust a sugar driven mind!!!!

For the past 7 days I only had cravings for GREEN!!
Salads, vegetable soups in all forms, tomato juice and more Salad is on my mind!

It looks like my cells finally had enough of the sugary consumption and finally remember how healthy feels.
Thank God!!

I have to admit Day 8 looks much better than Day 7 and 6.
At least the crazy migraine like headaches are gone. For a few days I really fought with myself of jumping of the boat and swim for the narcotics, which of course would have made everything just worse!!

With narcotics you get even more poison, more toxic waste and more Crap (excuse my language) to deal with.

My dear friends, all of us battle the fight of food addiction! Some of us are brave enough to admit it and to take charge and some of us find excuses and more excuses and reach for the pharmaceutical meds.

Either way you decide to go is a battle! I have chosen well over 3 years ago to fight the healthy battle.
As you can see, I am only human and get lost in temptations too. It’s OK, as long as you find your way back!

Remember, I am living with Stage 3 Endometriosis, I have not had a doctor’s visit in regards to Endo since 2010 and
I live 90% of the time symptoms free.

My resolution for 2014:
– Stay true to your body and yourself. Do not try to be someone you are not just to keep up with others!
– Accept your abilities and disabilities and make the best out of it without looking at it in a Negative Way!

Just because others can drink, eat and party whatever the grocery and liquor store throws at them does not mean they are happier, healthier or have more fun than you!

You just have to find the right angle to look at things with the right people in your life.

We have only this one life! Make the best out of it, enjoy it – I truly believe the Universe has a plan for us!

Love and Peace,
Claudia xxx

April 7th, 2013

To all My #Endosisters:

The other day one Twitter User thought she has to attack me just because I tried to be helpful warning her of the danger of Tofu.

First of all, I only tweet facts! Facts I have researched and also experienced on my own body. And truth is if someone following me does not want to hear it, feel free to “Unfollow” me. My mission is to help and support every single woman out there suffering from endometriosis. I understand, women sometimes just want to vent about their endo pain and agony on twitter and yes it’s nice to hear from your fellow sufferers that they feel sorry for you and that they have the same problem. But the real trick is to be proactive! Sometimes the truth and facts are something you don’t want to hear but trust me I would not be endometriosis free today if I would not have kicked my bad habits to the curb. I hear every single day from 100’s of women they want to be pain and symptom free but in another tweet I see them posting a cupcake, tofu sandwich, coke, beer, pizza or wine! And when you point out the obvious fact you get smacked in the face – Really? LOL!

Here’s the danger of Tofu or any other unfermented soy!

Unfermented Soy = Phytoestrogens = fuel for endo = endometriosis flares/cysts/tissue grow

Soy has been marketed for years as the perfect health food.
90% of the soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified.
Since GMO food was introduced, low birth weight babies, infertility, and many other problems went up in the U.S..
Animal studies on GMO soy have shown devastating effects including allergies, sterility, birth defects and offspring death rates up to five times higher than normal.The French ran a study on rats feeding them GMO Corn. The rats suffered tumors and multiple organ damage. Of course the EFSA came back, that this study was not scientifically valid.

Soybean crops and other GMO food are also heavily treated with chemical herbicides, such as glyphosate, which a French research team has found to cause cancer.
Soy is almost found in everything these days, especially in processed food. Most Westerners consume unfermented soy in the form of soy milk, tofu, TVP and soy infant formula.

If you suffer from Endometriosis, please read your labels and stay away from everything and anything listing soy on the label.
I have a full article about soy on my Endometriosis Diet Section.

As always!

Claudia xxx



March 09th, 2013

For my #Endosisters:

It’s not a secret that most of us suffer from insomnia.
I haven’t had a good night sleep in years, even with my endo pain gone for such a long time.

– I tried Melatonin, yes it works, but it makes me so groggy the next day.
– I tried Benadryl, yes it works, but I don’t want to add all these anti-histamines to my body if there is really no need for it.
– I tried ZZZ-Quil, it worked, but after taking it for 4 weeks, the good night sleep spell fainted.
– I tried Yoga, it works but not as good as I imagined or wanted to.

The list goes on and on …

Bottom line is, for years I have been up till 2AM-3AM and sometimes I ran out of TV programming and still no sleep and in the morning I could not get myself up and going like normal people do.

One week ago, I took by ‘accident’ 50mg Zinc with my daily 400mg Magnesium and 30 minutes later I got so tired! Me tired at 11pm??? I could not believe it. Me tired that I WANTED to go to bed and the TV noise bothered me?? NEVER EVER happened! At least not as long as I can think back! I slept for the first time in YEARS like a baby! I woke up so relaxed and refreshed it was beyond unbelievable! It was such a shock to me I actually thought about it all day.

So next evening, I gave it another try! 1 Zinc and 1 Magnesium, this time I took it at 10pm.
Trust me ladies, I haven’t been to sleep at 10pm for OHHH I don’t know how long. At 10.30pm I already started feeling tired, at 11pm, I robbed to bed on all 4 (well not directly, but you get the picture!). Same again, best sleep, no crazy dreams, no wake ups, no body pain in the morning and up with the first sunlight refreshed like you only see it in the movies.

I have been doing this now for 7 days, and nothing changed.
I took this combination to different times and it always had the same effect – TIRED!!!

So, the person I am, I always research and look up things happening to me.
And won’t you believe it, there are pages and pages on the internet confirming my experience.

Why do doctors not tell us about it? Why do they prescribe us heavy sleeping ‘machineries’ with heavy side effects instead of giving us just a natural remedy?

Magnesium has been a supplement I take for years. I first started taking it for my unbearable migraines. Doctors wanted me on the migraine medications with all these crazy side effects. Common sense told me that relaxing my muscles should maybe help me too, magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer, so I started researching.
And what do you know!!! When you dig very deep and clean out all the pharmaceutical ads, you will find Medical Studies by Universities that magnesium will help for migraines. I haven’t had a migraine in 10 years, maybe even longer. As before I had migraines at least 2-3 times a week, and I am working on the computer 12-15 hours a day.

I don’t know if the Zinc/Magnesium combination will help you, but I would certainly give it try. Don’t over-think it, just let mother nature do its job.
Just be careful don’t take more than 70mg Zinc/day and if you have never taken Magnesium start with a low dose like 200mg or 250mg. Magnesium when not used to will give you diarrhea (milk of magnesia effect). But it also will help you with your endometriosis, because it is a powerful natural anti-flammatory supplement. Zinc is a natural progesterone booster. And Progesterone directly inhibits the growth of endometrial cells.

Ladies believe it or not mother nature takes care of us, she provides us with the tools.

If we want to reach out for her hand is our own choice.

As always!

Claudia xxx

Read more about Progesterone/Endometriosis here: THE EFFECTS OF PROGESTERONE ON ENDOMETRIOSIS


March 04th, 2013

I hear every single day the same question:

“How do I know what’s bad for me?”
“How do I get on the right diet?”

In order to find the perfect diet you need to know your food and get educated on what is going on in the world and food industry. We are so picky when it comes to our make up and our clothes but we trust the food industry 150% and buy whatever they put on the shelves in the grocery stores.
If you really take the time to research the food you will find out that 90% of it is garbage and does more harm to your body than it does any good. We wonder why all of a sudden cancer is every where, we wonder why every other person is overweight and we wonder why little kids already have high cholesterol. Once you really studied the common food we all like to eat and drink and believe it is good for us, you will realize that most of it is pure poison for your body.I read the book HealthCures101.com , and I have to say this gave me a complete 180 how I look at my food these days.
I am now at the point where I do not allow the greedy food industry to destroy my body. I take the time now to look at the labels and also study at home the food they would like to sell to me. It’s our right to be picky. We pay a lot of money for groceries and we deserve to get the best!
Just take a minute and look at all the genetically engineered and modified foods. Sure it says all natural on the package but guess what Natural does not mean HEALTHY! Unfortunately the US has no law that the food industry has to label the Genetically engineered foods. That means we have to do our own research. Organic labeled food is not Genetically engineered foods.
If you really want to find a cure for your endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and painful monthly periods, start concentrating on your food and what actually goes in your body and you will soon see a 180 on how you feel, how you look and in your entire health.
Skip a few hours on your social media site, pick up HealthCures101.com and get yourself educated.Just one quick side line comment: Every single one this year was fighting in one way or another the influenza or a nasty cold with cough and runny nose. Thanks to our diet our immune system is so strong that no germ out there was able to take us down. Our entire family had not one sick day. None of us has seen, or touched an antibiotic in years! With the proper clean fuel for your body you can fight off anything!

Don’t believe everything you see printed on the front of all the packages in big bold beautiful letters, read the small print! As it is with every single contract you enter, the small print is the most important part and gives you the ugly truth.

As always …
Claudia xxxxx


March 01st, 2013

March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month!
– Be Aware – Heal Yourself
– Don’t Let Food, Stress & Drugs stand in your Way to Recovery
– Take your first steps to a healthier you; eat clean, fresh food the way Mother Nature has planned it for us all along.
– Educate your family and friends about Endometriosis and how food affects your health
– Ask for support from family and friends to accept your lifestyle change
– Find your inner-self
– Gain new, fresh and positive energy with uncluttered and manipulated food (GMO)

This month I will start sharing the positive effects of a green healthy diet. Most of us do not just suffer from Endometriosis! Our hormones, stress and drugs affect also other parts of our body. Let’s not focus anymore on the negative, let’s start focusing on the positive and move forward!

xxx, Claudia


February 23rd, 2013

For my #Endosisters:

Today I would like to write about the most common subjects I hear and see every single day about endometriosis

A) Endo Pain
B) Daily Narcotics and Pain Meds to cope with Endometriosis Pain
C) Cure of Endometriosis through medicine

To a):
Next time when you are in such crazy endo pain that you want to curl up in a corner with your electric blanket or hot water bottle, stop everything for a moment and think about what you ate and drank over the past 24 hours. Also, take your stress level under consideration.
It could be stress in your relationship, at work/school or just stress you put on yourself because of endometriosis. All of the above spiral down to one outcome and that is miserable endometriosis pain.
I can’t stress enough to all the women I talk to on a daily basis to take charge of their own future and how they are going to live with endometriosis.For now we have to accept endo will never go away (except the medicine discovers one of these days where endometriosis comes from and finds a miracle pill). So we better find a way to live with it.
Most women I talk to find themselves in a victim stage. They believe they are the victim of endometriosis when in reality this stage can be changed very easily. I am not saying you will cure endometriosis but you will be able to live with endo and manage endo on a daily basis without reaching out to narcotics what slowly kill your insides and turn you into an addict and zombie.I am very sorry if I come across very harsh but in order to manage endo you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop worrying about others.Yes, I can make these harsh statements, I am living with stage III Endometriosis, my daughter has endometriosis and so does my mom.
So it’s safe to say Endo is a huge part of my life and my family.Food is a very important factor when dealing with endo. I understand that 98% of all the women have to worry about a family to feed and cook for; or you are a young woman still living with your parents and getting your food served. Either way, at this point you and your family have to realize that you have a disease that cannot handle food that goes on 80% of the nations dinner plates.
That means you need to start separating your meals from your family members if they are not open and willing to eat the same food you have to eat.
You have to stop making and finding excuses why you can’t get endo under control with your diet.
My motto is: If there’s a will there’s a way.
Remember, this is your first step to a healthier you.Your second step is to understand your food!!!
There are so many foods containing estrogen. If you read this blog you most likely have Internet. Go on your search engine and start looking up estrogenic foods! Write it down and STAY AWAY from it!
BTW – knowing your Estrogenic Foods is also very helpful for Breast Cancer!
In the beginning, I would recommend to keep a journal. Write down what you eat to have an overview and when your pain strikes you can right away pin point exactly what you need to scratch out of your diet for the future.
Not every body is the same, but a safe bet is that you need to avoid soy (tofu, soy milk, per-made foods .. Anything with soy!)
Also dairy is a big endo trigger! I believe that it’s not really the dairy itself but the hormones in the dairy. I eat yoghurt every morning with fresh fruit, but I opt for organic plain Greek yoghurt. Plain yoghurt because I like to avoid the sugar added which is always found in the flavored yoghurts. Endo loves sugar and feeds on it!
Speaking of sugar! Force yourself to reduce the weekly cupcake, donut and brownie intake!
If you are a chocolate junkie, switch to dark chocolate and only to a few pieces stretched out throughout the week.
If you like milk, opt for rice milk. If you like whip cream, opt for coconut milk, which makes a great tasting whip cream!
Ditch the soda and alcohol (yes that also includes beer)! Both have sugar and feed your endometriosis!
Drink lots of water, unsweetened tea and if you need some flavor in your water use some fresh lemon juice. If you drink a lot of fruit juices, check the label for sugar!
Do not think / believe that diet soda will actually solve your problem.
If you want to feel good again, please dump the sugary drinks and alcohol all together – your body will thank you for it!Need your coffee in the morning? Drink it! Just don’t go for a gallon, maybe stop at your second cup 🙂
I started drinking 50-50 coffee. 50% caffeine – 50% decaf mixed together. Works like a charm.Some women say gluten triggers their endo. Due to my fresh and clean diet, I hardly come in contact with gluten. And the few times I consume gluten it won’t even hurt my body.
Gluten is just nasty food glue you should avoid for the sake of your health having endo or no endo. Bottom line is that knowing and understanding your food is your highest priority going forward. The key eating healthy: avoid any food what has a TV commercial!Worry about the cost of buying healthy fresh organic food? I wouldn’t! Consider all the medical costs you are compiling every single month. With your diet change these costs will go away and you will probably start saving money.
(My last doctor’s visit was over 3 years ago, and my insurance company is even rewarding me for my good health! Last year I received money back and this year they sent me a $4,000 deductible credit!)You don’t have to turn into a vegetarian, but if you are a meat eater think 70-30!
That means put 70% organic green and 30% meat on your plate.
Skip the red meat and opt for organic white meat. With organic meat you have a better chance not being fed all the additional hormones and antibiotics by the non-caring food industry.
With organic green you avoid all the pesticides what are also bad for your body and endo.Skip the heavy fried food, retire the fryer and frying pan and put your oven more often to use.
Yes scratch out junk food! Junk food is pure hormones, pesticides and fat! Yum, doesn’t that sound really great!? Have no other choice and need to eat at a junk food joint? Opt for a salad and choose an Oil and Vinegar dressing, instead of a ranch etc.My idea of food is; I like to be able to identify what I eat.
If I can’t identify what I eat, I will not touch it and I will absolutely not put it in my body.
Have you ever closely inspected the ‘all white meat chicken tenders’ they offer at the junk food places and frozen isles in grocery stores?
99% is pressed meat, it might be white but you really don’t know exactly what it is.
Girls, start being picky about your food and don’t let others control your future.If you like fish, go for it BUT read very closely where the fish comes from!
Your fish should be wild caught, if the package claims farm raised be careful, most farm raised fish is full of antibiotics and hormones. Don’t buy anything imported. Stick with the waters around your country. With shrimp and lobster be very very careful. Only buy shell fish from the ocean not farm raised or imported. Basically don’t buy anything they don’t tell you exactly on the package from what ocean it comes from.
Girls we put so much research in what pain meds we should take next, and waste so much time in the doctor’s offices and appointments. If you use the time for researching your food you are way better off.Once you figure out your way around eating healthy you never want to go back.

That brings me to B):

Daily Narcotics and Pain Meds to cope with Endometriosis Pain
Once you started your healthy endo diet, you will notice that your ‘obsession’ for narcotics gets less and less. Except the non-stop narcotic use already turned you in an addict and your body can’t be without this stuff. But this is a subject for a different web site.
I still have full bottles of Vicodin and Percocet in my medicine cabinet from my crazy endo roller coaster ride. I haven’t touched them since 2009. The day I figured out what kind of food is good for me, the day my endo symptoms slowly stopped.
Please remember, eating healthy will not turn you into this pain free person within a week. Give your body a chance to heal itself. It may take 2-3 months to get everything under control.Again, these are not just statements I am sucking out of my finger tips to sound really important on this blog, these are facts based on 16+ years of living life with endometriosis, coaching my daughter through life with endometriosis, and also seeing my mom healing her endometriosis symptoms.

To C): Cure of Endometriosis
It makes me so mad when I hear this! (Sorry girls to be so blunt and harsh)!
I don’t understand why anybody would reach out to meds with most likely side effects and make the pharmaceutical industry richer, when it is actually so easy to manage endometriosis and so many other diseases with the food you eat every single day.Really? Is there even a discussion?

Question: Have you seen that the pharmaceutical industry has found a cure for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid problems etc etc?

Answer: No! They developed medications for these diseases controlling and masking them, but not curing them. And these pills are damaging so many other parts of your body.

During my 16+ years struggling with endometriosis I also battled high blood pressure, migraines, thyroid problems and high cholesterol. I could have popped a pill for each of the above, and attracted a foot long list of more diseases through the side effects along the way; but I didn’t! My clean fresh diet healed every single one and I am now in my 40’s healthier than I was in my 20’s.
For example, my mom was for over 15 years a high risk heart attack and stroke patient due to her high cholesterol, she was a borderline diabetic, took thyroid meds after her thyroid surgery and was on high blood pressure pills and beta blocker. Basically she was a walking pharmacy and a doctor’s dream for recurring income. It took her 30 minutes every morning to manage all her meds!She changed her diet to manage her endometriosis pain / symptoms.And today she is completely medication free. The doctors cannot believe that she is the same woman she was before! She speed walks every day 3 miles and she is in her 70’s.The only pill I take every single day is 1 Magnesium (400 mg) to prevent inflammation (for endo) and migraines.
Magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory supplement.
If you decide to go for the Magnesium supplement be careful in the beginning. Too much magnesium can trigger diarrhea. Start with a low dosage and work yourself up.
You may want to discuss with your doctor how much you should take.Girls it can be done. And it can be done very easily.You just have to overcome your food addiction and not fear the change.

Fact is: healthy food does not have to taste bad, plain or boring.
Follow me on Pinterest:

I am adding every single day new recipes to my board. That will make it very easy for you to get great and simple ideas for amazing meals for your endo diet!
And I’ll be darned if your family won’t love it too!

Love, Claudia xxx January 22nd, 2013


For my #Endosisters:

My back pain is one of endometriosis’ beautiful gifts to me. I found this great Yoga Workouts to Relive Back Pain on Womenshealthmag.com, I tried it and it actually works for me. These are not crazy complicated Yoga moves you need to be an expert for! So next time you suffer from back pain, try to skip a pill and go ahead with the following exercises (picture and instructions: www.womenshealthmag.com)

This sequence is very safe for people with lower-back issues and can help to alleviate pain when done regularly,” says Jean Koerner who has been teaching yoga for 20 years and is currently an instructor at ISHTA Yoga in New York City. ISHTA is a Sanskrit word for “personalized practice,” and this routine is customized for back-pain sufferers

Cat-cow sequence (A)Begin on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Inhale and curl your toes under. Tilt your pelvis toward the ceiling, turning your sit bones up, draw the shoulder blades down the back, open through the chest and look a little forward keeping the neck curve long.

Cat-cow sequence (B)Exhale and point your toes. Round through your lower back, pressing your palms into the floor and tilt the top of your head down, releasing the tension from the upper back and neck. Repeat for six full breaths.Downward-facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana)From all fours, curl your toes under. Inhale, and as you exhale, push your hands into the floor, lift your knees, and lift your hips back and up. Push the tops of your thighs back so your body looks like an inverted “V.” Keep knees bent if needed to keep your spine long and straight. Hold for 1 minute.

Plank poseFrom down dog, lower your hips so your body is in a high pushup position with your hips connecting the straight line between your shoulders and ankles (i.e., not drooping toward the floor). Engage your abdominals and hold for five breaths. Then lift the hips back into down dog and hold for five breaths. Next move inhale into plank and exhale back to down dog, repeating five times to warm up your shoulders.

Mountain pose (tadasana)From down dog, keep the hands planted on the floor, but walk the feet towards the hands. Hold for 5 breaths. 
2. Then, start at the tailbone and move to standing by rolling up the back vertebrae by vertebrae. Keep the feet pressing into the floor and come to a standing position with feet hip-distance apart and pointing forward.

Warrior II pose (virabhadrasana II)Stand with your feet about 4 feet apart and raise your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, palms facing down. Then turn your left foot and leg 90 degrees out to the left and your right foot in about 15 to 30 degrees. Inhale, and as you exhale bend your left knee up to 90 degrees, keeping your knee stacked over your heel. To further protect your knee, center it over the middle of your foot, so it’s pointing over your second and third toes. Then turn your face to the left and gaze out over your left hand. Hold for five breaths before straightening up and repeating on the opposite side.

Extended side angle pose (utthita parsvakonasana)Stand with your feet about 4 feet apart and raise your arms out to your sides, shoulder height, with your palms facing down. Turn your left foot and leg out 90 degrees to the left and your right foot in about 15 to 30 degrees. Inhale, and as you exhale bend your left knee up to 90 degrees, keeping your knee stacked over your heel. Place the top of your left forearm on your left thigh and roll your chest open toward the ceiling. Raise your right hand straight up and turn your head to look at it. Hold for five breaths. Then carefully come out of the pose and repeat on the opposite side.

Bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana)Lie on your back with your feet flat on floor, palms facing down. Lift your hips and torso off the floor, pressing into your palms and feet. Then interlace your hands under your hips and press your shoulders and upper arms into the floor, lifting your hips higher toward the ceiling. As your breastbone rises toward your chin, move your chin back a little away from your chest. Hold for six to eight breaths. Then lower yourself slowly rolling down from the top of your spine to your tailbone. Rest for four breaths before repeating.

Thread the needleLying on your back, with your legs bent to a 90-degree angle over your hips, place your right ankle on your left thigh just below the knee. Reach your right arm through the space between your legs and your left arm around the outside wrapping your hands around the back of your left thigh. Gently pull your left thigh toward your chest, while pressing your right thigh away from your chest. Hold for six to eight breaths before releasing and repeating on the opposite side.

Reclining twist (supta matsyendrasana) (A)Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and 4 to 6 inches away from your sit bones. Open the arms out to the sides, even with your shoulders, palms facing up. Then lift your hips and shift them over 4 inches to the left, setting yourself off center. (Continue to next slide.)

Reclining twist (supta matsyendrasana) (B)Next, inhale, draw your knees into your chest, and as you exhale, lower your knees to the right, keeping them at hip level. (Continue to next slide.)

Reclining twist (supta matsyendrasana) (C)Now look to the left. Hold for six to eight breaths before returning knees and hips to center and repeating on the opposite side.

Corpse pose (savasana)Lie comfortably on your back on the floor with your arms separated at a 45-degree angle from your body, palms facing up. Let your legs rest as wide apart as feels comfortable. And allow your feet to relax and roll open. Then release all tension from every part of your body. Place a bolster or large cushion under your thighs or knees if you have any discomfort in your lower back in this pose. Stay here for 5 minutes (set an alarm clock if you need to).Let me know how it worked on you and if feel this is valuable info to any #endosister out there share share share!!! Together we can make it better!!!

Love, Claudia xxx


January 14th, 2013

For my #Endosisters:

Today is a vegan kind a day! And the soup I will introduce below will blow your mind! I found this recipe on domesticfits.com and after making it I posted it on my Pinterest account. This recipe created a Pinners Tidal Wave, that’s how everyone liked it!! Avocados are so good for you. They provide all 18 essential amino acids necessary for the body to form a complete protein. Avocados are an excellent source of carotenoids and deliver high quality vitamin A to your body. They have the healthy kind of fat your body needs and boost level of HDL (the good cholesterol). Most importantly Avocados are ANTI-INFLAMMATORY!!! Their combination of Vitamins C & E, carotenoids, selenium, zinc, phytosterols and omega-3 fatty acids helps guard against inflammation. And we all know #Endometriosis is an inflammation! I will post also how to pick the right Avocado! Let’s look at this recipe and I hope you will enjoy it as much as everyone else did!(photo and recipe: domesticfits.com)creamy-vegan-broccoli-soup3Ingredients

  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 shallot, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 cups low sodium vegetable stock
  • 1 large red potato, peeled and chopped
  • 6 cups chopped broccoli florets
  • ½ to 2 cups water
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • ½ tsp black pepper
  • pinch chili powder
  • 1 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • 1 lage avocado, diced
  • 1 red pepper, roasted, cut into strips


  • In a stock pot or Dutch oven heat the oil. Add the shallots and cook until soft, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and stir. Add the vegetable stock and potatoes, cooking until the potatoes are almost soft, about 10 minutes. Add the broccoli and cook until the broccoli and potatoes are both tender, about 5-8 minutes. Using an emersion blender, puree until smooth. Add water, if desired, to thin to desired consistency. Add spices and lemon juice.
  • Garnish with avocados and red peppers prior to serving.

I did not use the red peppers. For whatever reason, my body does not really agree with them (can’t do raw, cooked, or grilled). It still tasted “amazeballs”. Even my 18 year old teenager digged in like she was working in the woods all day :)I roasted some garlic bread, cut it in cubes and substituted the red pepper garnish this way.  But this works only if you can eat some gluten!

Bon appetite,Claudia xxx


Never Buy A Rotten Avocado Again (Thanks to http://www.nwedible.com/)Once you’ve got a good candidate, take a sneak-peak at what’s inside. Discreetly flick the dry stem off the fruit.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you see a brown patch under the stem, put that avocado back. It will be gross inside.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike this:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut, if the fruit right under the stem is bright avocado yellow-green, you have a winner. Your avocado will be great.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike this:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Haas avocados purchased hard and green will ripen nicely on the counter over several days. However, once your avocado hits that black-skinned stage, don’t delay in enjoying it. The difference between a soft and creamy avocado and a brown-streaked, half-rotten one is only a few days on the counter.(pictures and instructions: http://www.nwedible.com/)

Happy Shopping!

Love, Claudia xxx


January 12th, 2013

For my #Endosisters:

Today I made a fantastic dinner absolutely perfect for endometriosis sufferers. Take charge of your life and kick endometriosis to the curb with the right endo diet!Grilled Blackened Tilapia on Green Butter and Red Leaf Lettuce Salad with Tomatoes and Avocados.I used
– Cajun Blackened Seasoning from Fresh Market
– Fresh Tilapia FilletHeat your grill on high for 5 minutes.
Dip fillet in melted butter and coat with seasoning.
Place Fillet on mesh grill sheet and cook 2-3 minutes on each side. The fillet will come out just perfect!For the Green Butter and Red Leaf Lettuce Salad with Tomatoes and Avocados I created my own salad dressing with 1 tbsp. lemon juice, pinch salt, pepper, basil, parsley, dry mustard and 2 tbsp. white balsamic vinegar and some olive oil. You can add some honey if the dressing is too ‘sour’.

Check back soon – I will be sharing more of my recipes right here on this blog andhow I keep endometriosis pain far far away from me!


November 26th, 2012

To all my #Endosisters:
Have you ever considered turning your life around starting with your diet?
I know with our busy lives it’s sometimes easier / more convenient to reach out to pain medications and surgery, but wouldn’t it be better to fight Endometriosis by its roots?I am Living Proof that Endometriosis can be fought in a complete natural way; by eating the right food and living the right life style.Your first thoughts are probably, ‘what does she really know’ and ‘I am living a healthy life style and eat good food’. And you might be right but if you have endometriosis pain and can only relieve it with medications fact is you are not eating the right food YOUR body needs!Your first step to a pain free life with endometriosis is to detoxify your body from all the medication and narcotics you have been taken over the months or years.If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own detox ask a doctor, health coach or nutritionist for help.I started out drinking the first 2 days only water with fresh lemon juice.
On my 3rd day switched to a fresh fruit diet based out of smoothies.If you opt for fresh fruit, please be careful what fruit you are eating / drinking.Blueberries, watermelon, dates, apricots, strawberries, raisins, cherries, plums, peaches, pears and kiwi are known to contain phytoestrogens.
Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are the most popular estrogen-based vegetables.
Other vegetables that contain phytoestrogens include leeks, onions, carrots, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and Kale. Phytoestrogens is a group of chemical that mimics the effects of estrogen.

Read more about anti-estrogenic diet here.

My experience is that I can eat of the above blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pears and kiwi. Veggies, I can eat carrots, spinach cucumber, tomatoes and SOME kale. I use a lot of Mangos and Bananas and mix it with the above fruits, with some orange juice (optional frozen in cubes) and/or ice cubes. Creates a great tasting smoothie and keeps me going for a very long time. Please note I use only organic fruits and veggies.The pesticide from regular fruits and veggies can develop higher estrogen levels and estrogen is what you really want to avoid!After day 5 on a fresh fruit diet I started adding salad to my diet.
Again, go organic and don’t mix different salads together, so you can figure out one day at a time what food triggers your endometriosis pain! Use if possible Olive oil and vinegar for your dressing and avoid yoghurt in the beginning. Give your body the time to heal and settle down before you introduce a lot of different food again.
I know it is a lot to look out for and I know sometimes it feels like giving up is the easier way to go, but trust me, once you are through the rough times, you feel so much better and look back with a smile!It’s a journey, it’s your journey and you can do it!!
Remember living with pain meds your entire life, dealing with all the side effects, pain, limitations and depression is not the way! Don’t let endometriosis run your life, take control it’s possible!After your detox stage and introducing slowly food to your body, you can go back to a regular diet. But it’s very important that you follow the rule to eat low estrogen food! Remember this will be going forward your Regular Diet!I will be sharing my recipes soon on this web site and also introduce food for busy women ‘On the Go’.If you have any questions, need tips or would like to share your experience, please write me! I will be more than happy to help, share and coach you through!Stay tuned!
Claudia J. – xx


4 thoughts on “Endo Blog

  1. Hello, just found this blog. I am looking for a healthier non surgery way to start feeling better. Would you recommend doing the laproscoptic surgery to remove the endometriosis? Ive had the ultrasound and ct with and without contrast. of course have not been diagnosed, bc they didn’t see anything. I have all of the symptoms, period nonstop unless birth control is used, extreme fatigue, bloating in tummy,chronic pain in hips, tailbone, and pelvic area, etc.

    Nxt step is surgery. I don’t want to do it,bc Ive read it doesn’t work. I also don’t have time to take off to recouparate. What do you think?

    • Hi There! It’s a tough question & I can only speak from my own experience. I had all the recommended surgeries all the way up to hysterectomy (what supposedly will stop endometriosis), spent 1000’s of $$’s and non of these surgeries stopped endo. I have stage III endometriosis and Laproscoptic surgery in my case was good for 4 weeks and actually led to an “Emergency Hysterectomy”. What you need to know is that endo feeds on Estrogen, Sugar, alcohol, caffeine and stress. I don’t believe that there is a doctor in this world able to remove all the endo tissue in a surgery. And 1 small tissue left behind will start the entire Endo flairs again. I healed my endo with strict diet and nothing else. I have not seen a doctor in 3 years and I am completely pain and endo symptom free but it takes dedication. My daughter 19 years old has endo and so does my mom. We all live regular pain free lives since we changed our diets and I believe you can too, if you dedicate yourself to it. I don’t lie it’s hard in the beginning, but once you get used to it and find out that you can have fantastic meals with healthy food you won’t even want to go back to the old way. If you want to talk let me know, I am more than happy to hope with you on the phone or email. xxx, Claudia

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