The Coca-Cola and Chocolate Challenge!

So many of you are writing in everyday asking

“Does Sugar, Chocolate and Soda really trigger Endometriosis?”

If you guys are reading my blogs, my diet recommendation etc you all notice that I always urge to cut out Soda, Chocolate and refined Sugar of any kinds!

Being off this stuff for so long and if I really sin it’s only a bite here or a small sip there (no alcohol ever),
I really started doubting myself and I decided to take the 1-week Soda / Chocolate Challenge.

I bought 1 tray with 6 Coca Cola (16.9 OZ) bottles, 1 bag Kit Kat Minis and 1 bag Dove Milk Chocolate.

Today is Friday May 30, 2014 and I started this challenge Monday May 26, 20114! Sorry guys I cannot go for 1 full week!

I had every day, at no specific time one bottle of Coca Cola, usually I split this bottle into 2 servings, since it was too much for me to drink it at once and I ate whenever I passed the fridge 1-2 bites of either Kit Kat or Dove. I did not count the chocolate pieces per day, I just ate as it came to my mind and when the cravings set in.

Yesterday Thursday May 29, 2014, (Coca Cola 2 bottles left), Dove bag finished and Kit Kat a few pieces left) I had following symptoms:

– terrible lower abdomen pain to the point where I could not sit, stand or walk
It was that bad I thought my insides are coming out. I had to go to bed at 9pm, with 2 Ibuprofen, 2 Magnesium and Heating Blanket, and I did not get up until 10AM today, with still the same pain as yesterday! Note to yourself: I have not had such a pain in years!!

– my belly / abdomen are swollen like I am 5-6 months pregnant

– my lower back hurts and there are no words to describe the pain

– my hands are swollen

– my skin in my face is breaking out

– my lips are completely dry and flaky

– I started having allergies again which I have not had in I don’t know how long!!!
My allergies are setting in on my eyes (swollen and itchy), on my hands (itchy and looks like poison ivy) and my throat (itchy and hoarse)

– my shoulders and neck area hurts like I have fibromyaliga

– my entire skin top to bottom feels puffy

So, now that I relived the sugar hell, I can tell you guys for sure again


If you have a little bite, and I mean a LITTLE bite of sweets, like a piece of chocolate here and then it’s not going to send you to the doctor or ER, but if you consume sugar every single day, especially soda, alcohol, baked goods (cakes, donuts etc) and candy (any kind) you do not have to ask twice why you have pain, feel horrible and have other health conditions on top of Endometriosis!

I will start a complete cleanse today. That means for 3 full days

– no food whatsoever

– only clean room temperature water

I will determine on Monday if I have to go for another few days with this cleanse or if I can start with veggies juices. At this point no fruit, because fruit has also sugar and my body does not need any sugar for some time, even if it’s natural sugar.

Please watch what you eat and your Endometriosis and other aches and pains will go away by itself!! If you are not certain how to start managing your diet, get educated, I only can recommend to read read and read about the foods and nutrition good for you. I have all kinds of great book recommendations on my “Great Reads”, these books have taught me, encouraged me and made me to the person I am today – ¬†Happy and healthy!

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